Rename exported files

1. Introducing

I am a big fan of, a cross-platform, free wiki/docs utility. I use it everyday from orginzing my daily to-do list to maintaining my own programming knowledge base. You can learn more detail about it from below link:

2. Exporting as markdown has a function to convert all docs you already written into Markdown files, and export it as a single zip file. Once you login to notion, this exporting function located at right top coner under More .

This function become very handy if you want to backup your docs into your dropbox, or simplely want to copy and paste it into your own blog.

PS: notion does provide limited versioning for free user, and unlimited versioning for paid user. I just simply want to export some docs to my blog so that it’s under my own domain name. Notion does provide personal url for paid users, but it will appears like .

3. Solving the file name problem

After unziped the exported file, you got something like this:

As you can see, each file’s name has a GUID in it. This blog will demonstrate how to remove the GUID from all the filenames using C# . This could be part an automation script to periodically export your notion docs to your blog.

4. C# script to cleanup the filenames

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