About this Blog

I created this blog to store and maintain my learning knowledge of programming technologies.

From my previous experience working within a team of talented developers, I realise that sharing the knowledge and solutions to a certain problem, and keep it well documented is valuable for both individual and the whole team.

This blog is my attempt to even go further and sharing them with all developers in the world who are interested in those topics. In addition, I may mix this blog with other none-tech contents just to satisfy my other hobbies ๐Ÿ˜›

About myself๐Ÿค”


My name is Jingbo Jin, a developer programmer.

I work in the Australian first 3D body scanner company – mPort as its first and longest serving employee, helping it grow from bootstrapped to venture funded business.

Nevertheless, I am just a programmer who feels happy and excited when discoverying new technology and new tricks in IT world.