This brown bag session contains two parts: 1. Introduction of react ‘new’ feature: “React Hooks”, why and how to use it, which part of a legacy react application will it replace. 2. React state management solution: “Redux” showcase, its data flow, its toolbox, and its Pros and Cons. The presentation will include live coding.

Bitbucket AWS CodeDeploy Setup SummaryThis doc will explain how to setup a deployment pipeline using Bitbucket AWS plugin + AWS CodeDeploy.CodeDeploy applications are at (link may vary depends on the region): result of this setup will enable developers to trigger a deployment directly from Bitbucket UI. Prerequisite An AWS account with necessary permissions (eg: creating […]

CI/CD: Add a TFS Online Build Agent Create a new Agent Pool from VSO [companyname] -> Settings (Gear Icon) -> Agent Pools -> New Pool(The pool name here will be used to be connected by the agent from the TFS Build server) Generate the Personal Access Token from VSOClick your name icon -> Security -> […]

Stop and remove all containersYou can review the containers on your system with docker ps. Adding the -a flag will show all containers. When you’re sure you want to delete them, you can add the -q flag to supply the IDs to the docker stop and docker rm commands:List:docker ps -aRemove:docker stop $(docker ps -a […]

Apply below, if exist, change value, if not exist, add the line.

Explain: TCPKeepAlive Whether or not to send TCP “alive” message to the connecting clients to test for connection issues. ClientAliveInterval A timeout interval to send encrypted alive message to clients if no data has been received from connection. ClientAliveCountMax Number of times to send […]

Ubuntu 16.04 & Nginx & SSL + Jenkins Ubuntu Initial setup Connect and upgrade

Increase SSL session time

Apply below, if exist, change value, if not exist, add the line.

Create a New User, avoid using root all the time

Give new user Root privileges

Switch to the new user, install public key

Copy the public key content […]

Prerequisite:Make sure you already config AWS CodeDeploy for your desired AWS EC2 server. Check this blog if you want to set it up. Steps: Install Jenkins Plugins: Amazon Web Services SDK , AWS CodeDeploy Plugin for Jenkins , Bitbucket Plugin Generate key, if you don’t have one already: $ ssh-keygen -o -a 100 -t ed25519 […]

1. Introducing notion.soI am a big fan of, a cross-platform, free wiki/docs utility. I use it everyday from orginzing my daily to-do list to maintaining my own programming knowledge base. You can learn more detail about it from below 2. Exporting as has a function to convert all docs you already written […]

We can see if the system has any configured swap by typing:

You can verify that there is no active swap using the free utility:

Check Available Space on the Hard Drive Partition:

Create a Swap File, an amount equal to or double the amount of RAM on your system is a good starting point.

We can verify that […]